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100 videos for the Premier League launch campaign 2017/18

The Premier League season 2017/18 is well under way. After almost two months of sifting through archive footage, editing videos and collaborating with the very talented design agency Øyedrops, my work is complete!

With communications agency JCP Nordic responsible for delivering the project to TV 2 and online platform TV 2 Sumo, it was left to me to provide the video content.

In the end we produced around 100 videos for various platforms including linear TV (TV 2 Norway), online player TV 2 Sumo, VGTV, YouTube and social media in general.

A lot of work but as a football fan myself, this was an easy project to love!

Premier League – Launch film from improv on Vimeo.

Carl Lange accepted into Grimstad

One of my latest editing exploits, short film Carl Lange, has been accepted into the Grimstad Short Film Festival in Norway.

Based on a novel by Norwegian author Kjell Askildsen, the film introduces us to Carl, a suspect in a serious criminal case and the resulting impact this has on one individual’s life. A heavy drama, the film includes a tense face off between the accuser and the accused. Definitely one of my favourite projects so far.

I’ll be attending this years festival for the first time, and I’m on the hunt for exciting new drama projects. If you’d like to meet, drop me a line via the usual channels. 🙂


Editing foreign: Body Language

“Body language and facial expressions need no translation, simply interpretation”

When I left the UK, I had no idea I’d end up doing what I inherently wanted to do, which was what I’d always done, just in a different country.
An editor by trade, I entertained thoughts of starting afresh in another line of work, due in part to unfamiliarity with the film and television industry in Norway but due primarily to my non-existent Norwegian language skills. Learning Norwegian was a challenge I was happy to accept, but attaining an acceptable level of competence to carry out my job, was surely the stuff of dreams. Learning a new language is not easily compressed into a Rocky montage sequence. So there I was, ready for a fresh start, a new profession and a bright future doing something else.

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Design yourself a story

As part of my current course of study, I’m learning about design and what it means to construct a brand identity. As an editor of moving images I thought I had a fairly good grasp of what it meant to create something visual however, the design process can be a lengthy and well travelled road, one which is fraught with perils and junctions which can lead in all sorts of wild and unfathomable directions. As is often the case when on a creative road of so many opportunities and possibilities, one begins to seek out structure and if I’m going to continue which this road analogy this would take the form of signposts, which physically reassure us we have met certain points on the overall map.

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Think again, people. Think again. 

A fascinating article writen by Tina Seelig on how a change of perspective can open doors to a new approach. The challenge for many is recognising there are other doors behind which exist alternative approaches.

Taking a different perspective can lead to stunning breakthroughs in any industry, writes Tina Seelig in InGenius.

Source: How Reframing A Problem Unlocks Innovation

How Do We Communicate Ideas? The Philosophy of Wit | Art of the Guillotine

Ludwig Wittgenstein was a philosopher obsessed with the difficulties of language, who wanted to help us find a way out of some of the muddles we get into with words.

Source: How Do We Communicate Ideas? The Philosophy of Wit | Art of the Guillotine

On the Job

The path towards a career in film and television can take many forms. I remember well walking around Soho, London giving out CVs in order to procure my first runner position.  From this, I was offered a three day trial period at The Mill. Standing in a lift with two other candidates, I found out one was a barman just arrived back from Ibiza who fancied his chances in the film industry, whilst the other was a graduate looking to break into visual effects work. My education was a two year college course in Music Production and a random stint at Cannes Film festival as a waiter. My interest lay in editing. Continue Reading →

Film Editing. A subtle craft.

It’s often said when it comes to film editing, if you notice it then someone’s not doing their job properly. As an editor, it’s difficult not to notice bad edits but that said, it’s just as challenging to ignore good ones. Minutes go by without the slightest inkling of a cut but now and again my brain reverts to filmmaking mode and I’m tempted to hit pause, rewind and assess. I’m usually watching with other people so it’s polite to wait until the after the credits are rolling!

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Storytelling Tips from Film Trailers

As an editor, I’m always on the warpath for a structure. Whilst that might sound like a rather mundane formulaic approach to editing, structure can come in many forms and stem from varying sources of inspiration. Continue Reading →

The Open Culture box of delights

As wee creative film-loving beasties, we’re always on the look out for inspiration. And whilst it’s just downright spectacular to stumble across stimulating film references, ornate literary ‘wordery’ or rousing visual imagery ourselves, it’s equally satisfying when someone else does the hard work for us.

Open Culture is that helpful someone else. Headed up by lead editor Dan Colman, is a veritable feast of feature films, audio books, online courses and ebooks.

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