Film Editing. A subtle craft.

Film Editing. A subtle craft.

It’s often said when it comes to film editing, if you notice it then someone’s not doing their job properly. As an editor, it’s difficult not to notice bad edits but that said, it’s just as challenging to ignore good ones. Minutes go by without the slightest inkling of a cut but now and again my brain reverts to filmmaking mode and I’m tempted to hit pause, rewind and assess. I’m usually watching with other people so it’s polite to wait until the after the credits are rolling!

It doesn’t spoil a film. Nine times out of ten I don’t notice a thing but good or bad, you just can’t help it when edits jump out at you in the same way any professional is tuned in to their craft.

In this clip, oscar winning editors William Goldenberg, Joel Cox and Gary Roach point out good editing, bad editing, and how an editor controls the audience’s mind.

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