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The Open Culture box of delights

As wee creative film-loving beasties, we’re always on the look out for inspiration. And whilst it’s just downright spectacular to stumble across stimulating film references, ornate literary ‘wordery’ or rousing visual imagery ourselves, it’s equally satisfying when someone else does the hard work for us.

Open Culture is that helpful someone else. Headed up by lead editor Dan Colman, is a veritable feast of feature films, audio books, online courses and ebooks.

I was initially drawn to the website via Twitter [@openculture] where a host of Hitchcock’s earlier films, all available online for free, caught my twittering eye.

By following Open Culture’s tweets, you receive regular links to updated film lists, not to mention a wealth of other educational material. However, don’t expect to see the latest big budget film releases on there as all material is sourced free or for very low cost.
The majority of films are pre 1960. No bad thing. But if you’re a BlueRay aficionado, then you might be disappointed as content is generally hosted on YouTube in all it’s scratchy glory. However, rooting around might bring up a few quality surprises and it is a fascinating voyage of discovery.

Content wise, I’ve listed some choice cuts below but one video in particular had me mesmerised. A short interview clip with Alfred Hitchcock talking about his film Spellbound and a collaboration with the artist Salvador Dali on the dream sequences. In a filmmaking age where we endeavour to master more than one craft, it is inspiring to see one master call in the help of another for their area of expertise for quite the opposite purpose than to achieve publicity.

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Some choice highlights:

M : In HD. dir. Fritz Lang, 1931

Three “Anti-Films” by Andy Warhol: Sleep, Eat & Kiss : 1963-4

The Man with the Golden Arm : Dir. Otto Preminger (Frank Sinatra & Kim Novak, 1955)

The Thirty Nine Steps : Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, 1935

Monty Python live at the Hollywood Bowl : 1982

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